Three Days, two Tours and one Cruise - Option A.

A three-day tour beginning with a trip towards Ancient Corinth, a visit to the archaeological site with a stop at the Isthmus canal and then a visit to Rio Bridge with a stop for swimming and lunch.

Next destinations are a small factory of Greek wine production and Ancient Olympia.

The first day ends with a visit to the archaeological site and then a hotel overnight in Ancient Olympia.

The second day starts in the morning with a visit to Mycenae archaeological site and then Nafplio to check in at the hotel and lunch. Great surprises await the guests in the afternoon, with visits to Epidaurus Ancient Theater and to the attractions of Nafplio; Palamidi Castle, the Old City and Bourzi islet. An unforgettable evening in beautiful Nafplio.

The third day starts with the transfer from the bus to the yacht and continues with a cruise to Agistri Island, Moni Islet, and Aegina Island. Late afternoon return to Marina Alimos in Athens where a bus will await the guests for transfer back to the hotel.

Price and Schedule upon request

 A free snack (sandwich), water, soft drinks, beer or wine are offered during the cruise.

The tour is guided by a well-informed tour guide who will share with the guests his/her special knowledge.

The number of persons in a group range from 1 to 67.


1. Guests may try meat or sea-food barbeque.

2. Certified divers may dive during the day cruises.

3. Several events may be combined with the cruise, i.e. weddings, baptisms or parties on an island.

Price, Schedule and Tailor made packages upon request

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